Natalie MadlerEdit


Natalie lives right next door. She is stylish, friendly, smart and does lots of sporting activities. She also successfully runs her very own interior design and decoration service! The perfect companion! She lives with her husband Michael, but he always seems to be away on business. This bothers Natalie and really makes her worry.

Ned Sanders Edit


Having lived in the neighbourhood for the longest, Ned has seen everything. Well, as much as he can see without actually entering peoples homes. He has an unhealthy passion for gardening, specifically Tulips, and has a strange sense of humor. Ned is a widower since his wife disappeared two years ago. He never quite found out where she went, and he has not been the same since.

Maria ChristinaEdit


The big mom in Libertine Heights, if there is an event to be organized, or neighbourhood watch meeting to run, you can bet your dinner she will be in charge! She leads the neighbourhood against the increasing number of troublesome teenagers who are invading Libertine Heights. Maria Christina is happily married to her husband, Officer Giovanni, and has two children, the twins Chris and Jerome.

Irene RichardsEdit


The owner and CEO of Rocket Recruitment, Irene is a true career woman. She prides herself on her independence, and goes that extra mile to ensure her recruitment candidates are successful in their careers. Irene is a modern single lady, she frequently hits the city bars and salsa clubs for dancing, drinks, socializing and of course, hunting!